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Lab Updates

05/20 - 05/23/2024

Had a great time at The IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning (ICDL) in Austin, Texas! Lab members, Dr. Jeremy Borjon and Manash Sahoo, presented posters as well as a workshop with Dr. Drew Abney, Dr. Julia Yurkovic-Harding, and Dr. Samuel Harding. 











ICDL 3.jpeg
ICDL 2.jpeg
ICDL 1.jpeg

Congratulations to Parsa Taheri on successfully defending her master's thesis!!!













Happy Holidays from the Developing Systems Laboratory! Had lots of fun celebrating with a Lab Party hosted by Dr. Borjon.












Lab Holiday Party I - Dec 2023.jpg
Lab Holiday Party II  Dec 2023.jpg

The Developing Systems and Cognitive Developmental Labs hosted researchers Dr. Hiroki Yamamoto and Dr. Hiromichi Hagihara from Osaka University - went out to St. Arnold to celebrate!













Developing Systems Lab members, Dr. Borjon and Manash, present talks at the 2023 Movement and Dyadic Interactions in Infancy: Novel Tools and Approaches Conference in Warsaw, Poland!













Developing Systems Lab Officially Moves in to TIMES! 

First Lab Dinner to celebrate!












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