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The Developing Systems Laboratory at the University of Houston is part of the Department of Psychology, located in the Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics (TIMES), and associated with the Texas Center for Learning Disorders (TCLD). We study how the physiological and social systems in and around babies work together to support cognitive and motor development using cutting edge data science methods.


​We are doing this to pinpoint specific ways in which caregivers can best support their child's thinking and growth. Our ultimate goal is to use this information to develop user-friendly technologies that can mimic these factors to help children from all backgrounds thrive. ​

Firefly infant looking at a toy next to their mom 85532.jpg

Our short, play-based study is designed for young children ages 9-24 months. We are actively recruiting participants as of February 2024!


Please email and we will be in touch shortly!


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